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Favicon32.png Hardware

  • Autopilots
    Hardware support for current, previous and future versions
  • Sensors
    IMU, GPS, Current, Airspeed, etc.
  • Modems
    Digi, Laird, Radiotronix, Cellular, etc.
  • Other Hardware Platforms
    Some hardware used for flying, for embedded computer or ground station
    • OMAP Integration
      Integration of TI OMAP-based single board computers, like the Gumstix Overo and the Beagleboard
    • AR.Drone 2
      The popular quadrotor from Parrot
    • Bebop
      The successor of the AR.Drone 2
  • Other Hardware
    Debug Probes, USB-UART, Video, Wiring and Connectors, Antenna Tracker, ESC etc.
  • Wish List
    Suggested hardware improvements
  • Get Hardware
    How to get Paparazzi hardware

Paparazzi Hardware

The open-source Paparazzi hardware suite includes several versions of the autopilot, IR sensors, inertial sensors, complete IMU heads, voltage regulators, GPS receivers, converters, adapters, and programmers of all sorts. Older CAD files, schematics, gerbers, and BOMs are freely downloadable from the git hardware repo. And for the Paparazzi software needed to let your airframe fly successfully, you are invited to read the Software pages.