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Paparazzi UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is an open-source drone hardware and software project encompassing autopilot systems and ground station software for multicopters/multirotors, fixed-wing, helicopters and hybrid aircraft that was founded in 2003. Paparazzi UAV was designed with autonomous flight as the primary focus and manual flying as the secondary. From the beginning it was designed with portability in mind and the ability to control multiple aircraft within the same system. Paparazzi features a dynamic flight plan system that is defined by mission states and using way points as “variables”. This makes it easy to create very complex fully automated missions without the operators intervention. For more project information, see here.

Legal Disclaimer

The Paparazzi software source and hardware design is distributed without any guarantee. Before flying, please refer to your country's national aviation regulation for Unmanned Aerial Systems, or the one of the country you intend to overfly.

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Latest Stable Release: v5.16.0_stable

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Download as tarball or checkout the v5.16 branch from git.
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Flight Campaign at Barbados Island
Enac UAV lab have participated to an atmospheric research flight campaign at the Barbados Island for three weeks from end of January 2020.  This was part of a project called NEPHELAE in collaboration with the French National Meteorological Research Center from Météo-France and the robotics lab LAAS-CNRS. NEPHELAE is atmospheric science driven (with a focus … Continue reading Flight Campaign at Barbados Island
Gautier Hattenberger 2020-03-04 10:35:30

Crazyflie v2.1 with Paparazzi onboard
The popular Open-Source platform Crazylie v2.1 from Bitcraze is now supported by Paparazzi. Only the main frame, with IMU, barometer as well as the NRF communication is working. A bridge between the Crazyradio and the Ivy bus allows the direct and easy connection of the Crazyflie to the ground station. More sensor decks will be … Continue reading Crazyflie v2.1 with Paparazzi onboard
Gautier Hattenberger 2020-02-03 20:44:58

Running Paparazzi on Windows
Since there are many Windows users who like to try paparazzi on this popular OS and Microsoft introduced the possibility of running Ubuntu programs and tools on windows 10, now Paparazzi developer team is pleased to announce the initial release of the Windows10 support of Paparazzi. The installation process is not so much different from … Continue reading Running Paparazzi on Windows
Gautier Hattenberger 2019-04-10 18:56:31

Paparazzi wins at IMAV2018
Enac UAV team and TUDelft MAVLAB team took part to the IMAV2018 conference and competition in Australia with great success! For the first time, the two academic lead developers of the Paparazzi UAV system join efforts to participate to the Outdoor competition and won this event far ahead. Several tasks have been completed, including a … Continue reading Paparazzi wins at IMAV2018
Gautier Hattenberger 2018-11-28 16:24:44

UAV Network Intrusion Detection with Wavelet-based Signature Analysis
This is a first step of a hybrid IDS method based on the analysis of spectral traffic and a robust controller / observer for the estimation of anomalies in UAV networks. This module is currently designed to observe the traffic between the drones and the Paparazzi GCS. It provides a statistic signature of the traffic … Continue reading UAV Network Intrusion Detection with Wavelet-based Signature Analysis
Gautier Hattenberger 2018-06-21 14:29:55

Opening ENAC’s flying arena
Since the beginning of the year, ENAC (French Civil Aviation University) is equipped with a new facility dedicated to UAVs research and education. The building includes a flying arena with a size around 10x10x10 meters, several workshops for mechanics, electronic, composite, 3D printing and storage. It also includes a teaching room for automatic control and … Continue reading Opening ENAC’s flying arena
Gautier Hattenberger 2018-06-15 21:25:04

Secure Pprzlink released
The Paparazzi team is proud to announce a release of an encrypted version of pprzlink. The new secure Pprzlink uses a strong and fast cipher ChaCha20 with Poly1305 authenticator. For better security and user convenience, a variation of station-to-station key-exchange protocol is implemented, to allow seamless key-exchange between the UAV and the GCS. Secure Pprzlink … Continue reading Secure Pprzlink released
Michal Podhradsky 2018-03-26 19:26:27

Pilot a super rotorcraft!
So far all my results with rotorcraft were in simulation… until now! In this experiment, performed at TU-Delft (thanks Ewoud Smeur!), a team of four rotorcraft behaves as a single unit. The proved stability properties of the whole system allows for applications such as collaborative transportation of objects. If you want to know the mathematical … Continue reading Pilot a super rotorcraft!
Hector Garcia de Marina 2017-12-02 18:59:57

Multi-UAV capabilities
Video done at ENAC (Toulouse) showing some capabilities of Paparazzi for controlling multiple fixed-wing aircraft. We have already a wiki entry explaining how to implement the circular formations.
Hector Garcia de Marina 2017-08-12 06:33:08

New Paparazzi autopilot Chimera released
The ENAC UAV lab is proud to release its latest autopilot board.  Named Chimera, it is based on the latest STM32F7 micro-controller and offers a large connectivity. The design have been made with the ease of use and integration for end-users, especially researchers. With the usual features like IMU and barometer, the Chimera also carries … Continue reading New Paparazzi autopilot Chimera released
Gautier Hattenberger 2017-03-20 00:11:06

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