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R0 sub GHz radio modem V1.1

R0 is a low cost sub GHz telemetry radio modem, based on the very common HM-TRP module. It is available in 915MHz, 868Mhz and 433MHz bands. R0 is based on the Si1000 chipset, and the SiK telemetry radio firmware. This makes it compatible to many other UAV telemetry radio modules like the RFD900 or the 3DR telemetry radio. The difference is that R0 is exposing a UF.l connector making it very slim and allowing installation inside tight spaces. Also the module provides the ubiquitous FTDI pin header and a Molex Picoblade null modem connector. R0 is compatible with the UU0 low cost USB to UART adapter dongle.


  • UF.l minature antenna connector
  • FTDI cable compatible 100mil pin-header
  • Molex Picoblade null modem connector
  • Small footprint: 16mm x 40mm
  • M3 mounting hole



Set up examples

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Where to Buy

R0 Radio Kit is available for purchase in the 1BitSquared store.