Virtualbox 4.1.22 for Windows Hosts & Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

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  • Download Virtualbox 4.1.22 for Windows Hosts
  • Download Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (I recommend 32 bit)

Installing Virtual Box

  • After downloading the latest VirtualBox (VirtualBox-4.1.22-80657-Win.exe) installer run it
  • Press next
  • Press next
  • Choose which options you would like and press next
  • Your network connection will temporarily go down, press yes
  • Press install
  • You now installed Oracle VM VirtualBox, press finish

Creating New Virtual Machine

  • Start Vrtual Box
  • Press new
  • Fill in a name, select Linux as operating system and Ubuntu as version. Press next
  • Select the amount of RAM you'd like to use, press next
  • Press next
  • Select VDI and press next
  • If you are lazy choose dynamically allocated. If you want speed choose fixed size. The second option takes more time to complete.
  • Give al least 20GB
  • Press Construct

Install Ubuntu on your Virtual Machine

  • Start your previously created VM by selecting it in the lsit and then press the Start button.
  • Press next
  • Select the Ubuntu ISO you downloaded(vb. ubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso) and press next
  • Press Start
  • Select your language and press Install Ubuntu
  • Select Download updates while installing and Install third-party software. Press continue
  • Select Erase Disk and install Ubuntu and press continue
  • Press Install now
  • Tell ubuntu where you live, press continue
  • Select your keyboard and press continue
  • Fill in your credentials and press continue
  • Press restart now