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Where I can get more information about the connections of the BoozIMU?

I need to conect the BoozIMU to a TOWG, but I don't know how.

Booz IMU uses SPI ... TWOG has an SPI connector. To see the pinouts look in the Schematics (Booz IMU). The Eagle files are inside the paparazzi-hardware SVN repository. Use this command at a command prompt: svn co svn:// paparazzi-hardware to get the paparazzi-hardware source. Download and install (or use sudo apt-get install eagle) and then open the schematics. For TWOG pinouts they are on the Wiki under Hardware/Autopilots/TWOG

1-The BoozIMU v1.02 and the v1.2 have the same magnetometer with SPI bus?-?

No v1.2 uses hmc5843 magnetometer, and it only has an i2c interface.

2-The TWOG have only one Slave Select (SS) pin in the SPI port, How I can connect the magnetometer and the ADC to the TWOG?

3-Can I connect the IMU's pin +6V5 to the TWOG's pin 5V or this pin needs more voltage?

The IMU uses a very low dropout 5V regulator on board. So it should work on a 5V supply.

3-How I can set the Airframe file for the TWOG use the IMU instead of the IR sensors? I tried using the conf/airframes/PPZUAV/imu-calibrations/*, but when I have build the code, I get this from the compiler: /home/peter/paparazzi/var/TIGER1/ap/firmwares/fixedwing/main_ap.o: In function `periodic_task_ap': main_ap.c:(.text.periodic_task_ap+0x2b18): undefined reference to `infrared' /home/peter/paparazzi/var/TIGER1/ap/firmwares/fixedwing/datalink.o: In function `dl_parse_msg': datalink.c:(.text.dl_parse_msg+0x334): undefined reference to `infrared' collect2: ld returned