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Please add yourself to this list if you wish to share who you are and what you are doing with Paparazzi

Name Location Hardware Joined Current activities / project status
New User 1 2 3 4
M Mundhra India Tiny 1.3 2007 Gain tuning on a flying wing configuration airframe
Jianlun Singapore TWOG V1 2008 trying to get TWOG onto an EasyStar. very much a newbie!

Name Location Hardware Joined Current activities / project status
SilaS Budapest Tiny 1.3 2007 Applied tiny to GWS Estarter, finished long travels in AUTO2. Now transfert it to a Twinstar and working on pairing tiny with FPV.
TomS Graz Tiny 2.11 2008 Starting to complete the wiring for the tiny and then trying to apply it to my TwinStar II.
MarkG Geneva, Switzerland Modified Tiny 2.11, EeePC as GCS, Multiplex FunJet 2008 Many successful flights.
X-MicroDrones Paris, France Tiny 2.11, Quad-Tilt-Rotor VTOL 2008 Wiring completed, first flights soon... We're trying to adapt Paparazzi to a Quad-Tilt-Rotor VTOL able to perform both airplane-like and helicopter-like flights. Working on inertial measurement units implementation.
Marcus Wolschon Freiburg, Germany Gumstix, Paraplane 2008 Porting Paparazzi to Linux-Userland with UDP-communication using mesh-networking.

UDP-Downlink working, GPS via GPSD working, Pararazzi in Linux working, Hardware still RC-only due to sensor-soldering-issues

CedricM Geneva, Switzerland Tiny 2.11, Multiplex FunJet with video camera 2008 Many successful flights working on an osd module and weather probes.
Chris Efstathiou Piraeus Hellas tiny 2.11 on a Mpx EasyGlider, TWOG 1.3 on a Boomerang turbine jet 2008 The Easyglider is fully operational, still working on the jet which had his first flight with the TWOG at 25/1/2009
FelixR Edinburgh, Scotland Booz2 quadrotor 2008 remote controlled flight, working on Kalman Filter
New User 1 2 3 4

North America
Name Location Hardware Joined Current activities / project status
Paul Cox Vancouver, WA 98663 Tiny v2.11 Nov. 2008 Getting geared up for a maiden flight soon hopefully. Skype: pauldanielcox Gtalk: [use email]
John Burt Portland, Oregon Tiny v2.11 from PPZUAV, Multiplex Cularis, 9Xtend modems, T7CAP TX, ground station: EEE PC701 and/or Nokia N810 Jan 2009 Debugging Tiny-GCS interface. Possibly first test flights in late Jan 09.
David Conger San Diego (Ramona), California Tiny1.3 (PPZUAV) Sept 2007 Flying Wing MAV with onboard video. Test platform for the new 900mhz XBPro 900 RF modems.
USU AggieAir Remote Sensing Logan, UT TWOG (PPZUAV) January 2009 Building 72" Flying Wings which will be used for remote sensing
USU OSAM-UAV Logan, UT TWOG (PPZUAV) June 2007 2x72" 5x48" 1x60" Flying Wings. Research backyard for AggieAir Remote Sensing
New User 1 2 3 4

Central America
Name Location Hardware Joined Current activities / project status
Joekadet David Panama' Tiny v2.11/LEA-4P (PPZUAV) No RF Modems yet. Multiplex Mentor 2008 Working on Airframe build. Paparazzi AP is wired and working awaiting integration into airframe. First flight hopefully end of February.
New User 1 2 3 4

Name Location Hardware Joined Current activities / project status
Todd Sandercock Adelaide, SA Tiny v2.11, Multiplex Twinjet, 9Xtend modems Jan 2008 Completed successful flight testing. Now designing new airframe.
New User 1 2 3 4