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Eclipse ChibiOS/RT J-Link


How to set up:

  1. Download Eclipse CDT (bit version must match Java RE version)
  2. Install Eclipse Plugins
    • "C/C++ GDB Hardware Debugging" Plugin (required for e.g. Blackmagic Probe)
    • "GNU ARM J-Link Debugging Support" Plugin (makes J-Link config very easy)
  3. Optional Plugins
  4. SEGGER J-Link setup
    • Run -> Debug Configurations... -> "New launch configuration" in the "GDB SEGGER J-Link Debugging" section
    • Main tab
    • Enter new name for the debug configuration
    • Set the Project
    • Set the C/C++ Application (*.elf file of the project)
    1. Debugger tab
    • Set Device name (e.g. "STM32F103RE")
  5. Embedded Systems Register View setup
    • Window -> Preferences -> C/C++ -> Debug -> EmbSys Register View
    • Architecture (e.g. cortex-m3)
    • Vendor (e.g. STMico)
    • Chip (e.g. STM32F10X_HD)


  • Window -> Preferences -> -C/C++ -> Code Analysis, Unchecked "Field cannot be resolved" "Symbol is not resolved" since they produced useless errors
    • These are also disabled in ChibiStudio.
  • Make sure to use the matching debug config or the elf from another project will be loaded....


Cheap Bird


  • Frame:Cheap Bird V1
  • Motors: Hobbyking Donkey ST2204 1550 kV
  • Props:
  • ESC:


  • Autopilot: STM32F4 Discovery Daughterboard THT V1.0
  • GPS: Hobbyking Ulox Neo-6M
  • IMU: Drotek 10dof
  • Modem: Laird RM024


  • Airframe:
  • Flight Plan:
  • Settings:
  • Radio:
  • Telemetry: