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USPS Shipping Warning
Please read below before making your choice to use USPS. We completely understand you may have ordered items and used US Postal with good success in the past (USPS has lost 2 shipments to date). We are simply giving you our experience so you can know that without tracking there really is no accountability when using USPS. For USA customers use FedEx Ground it is very inexpensive.


  • US Postal calculations always selects the most expensive shipping.
    This is a bug with the USPS site and can not be avoided. USPS International Flat Rate is approximately 15.00. We will issue a refund of the difference after we ship your order back to the payment type you used for your order.
  • Customs: Can you please declare the order for a low amount to avoid taxes?
    We are obligated by law to list all items (Packing Slip) and the value regardless of shipping company. A packing slip will be included. This will help your order to clear customs faster

Please check the PPZUAV website often as we expand our product offering.