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As an open-source project, all source code and hardware plans are freely available on the CVS Server for anyone to produce, use, modify, and redistribute in accordance with the GPL License Agreement which requires only that the open-source nature of the project be maintained by all who redistribute it.

We encourage the distribution of hardware for profit or otherwise and invite any users with paparazzi-related hardware to post links and purchasing information on this page. Please use the Discussion Tab to describe your experiences with any of these vendors.

PPZUAV Get it now without issues.


Our Items

Confused what to buy? To make it easier for you to get what you need quickly we have created bundles of the most common required components:
All in one board (Tiny2.11) bundle: Tiny2.11 Bundle <--has GPS and antenna on the main board
Modular (TWOG) bundle: TWOG bundle <--requires an external GPS board to be connected (included w/bundle)

Each autopilot is professionally assembled in a large factory before we receive it. We open each to program and test before shipping. We do the same steps you see on the Wiki to verify it will accept your program when you receive it:

  1. We load the bootloader
  2. configure the GPS module (LEA-5H Tiny2.11 we also update the GPS Firmware to the latest from u-blox)
  3. We load a sample tiny2.11 program into it.
  4. We verify it runs the program (LED1/RED flashes)
  5. Then acquires a 3D fix (LED2/GREEN flashes)

Our goal is we test and get it ready for you to program before you receive it. Freeing you to focus on learning paparazzi.

Please eMail with any questions or special requests before you place your orders. We return emails as quickly as possible. If it's an easy question within hours. More complex or longer explanation requests may take some time to read then write your answer so be patient.

Visit the PPZUAV WebStore to see the latest offerings.

CheBuzz Paparazzi

CheBuzz Paparazzi is proud to become the first reseller of Paparazzi equipment in the EU. That means faster shipping, no packages getting stuck in customs, and no having to pay import duties! All of the equipment is hand-built for the moment, so all equipment is thoroughly tested. Your equipment is guaranteed to work upon arrival.

My Current Offerings:

My website is now up! Google Checkout is my preferred payment option, but I am also willing to accept most other forms. E-mail me to arrange other forms of payment.

*Note - though I am physically located in the EU, I also have access to USPS mail box. Thus I can easily ship orders to the US as well.

Mantis Electronics

Mantis Electronics

Mantis Electronics is pleased to offer assembled Tiny 2.11, IR boards, GPS modules, USB-TTL interface boards, 3-Axis I2C/SPI accelerometer boards, and accessories for immediate order. Our boards are solder paste stencilled, reflow soldered and 100% tested.

Our Items:

  • Tiny 2.11 assembled with LEA-4P and GPS antenna: $250 ($260 with Molex Picoblade connectors)
  • 2-Axis IR board with IR sensors: $75
  • 1-Axis IR board with IR sensors: $55
  • u-blox LEA-4P GPS module: $75
  • USB<->TTL Serial board: $15 (useful for programming and telemetry)
  • 3-Axis I2C/SPI accelerometer board: $35
  • MLX90247 IR sensors: $12
  • Tiny 2.11 bare PCB: $10
  • 2-Axis IR bare PCB: $5
  • 1-Axis IR bare PCB: $5

Current lead time for orders is 3 weeks. USA shipping is $6. International shipping is $15.


Please see our website to order.



Sparkfun is a great source of miscelaneous electronics like:

  • Gyros
  • Accelerometers
  • Pressure sensors
  • Ultrasonic distance sensors
  • Temperature/humidity sensors
  • USB to Serial converters
  • LEDs
  • Etc.


Olimex PCBs

Fast PCB Prototypes

FMA Direct

FMA Direct

FMA is a good source of low cost IR sensors.

Scale Robotics Inc.

Paparazzi small horizon sensor

Scale Robotics is a US source for the Paparazzi horizon sensor.

  • 2-Axis IR board with IR sensors: $37.95
  • 2-Axis IR board only: $3.49

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