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Paparazzi FAQ - Common problems and solutions

I only get a blank (black) GCS

The GCS stays blank until you get telemetry messages (either from the real aircraft or simulated).
Solution: Probably your telemetry is not set up correctly, this is most likely a XBee configuration issue.

I get a Failure("#of_world:no georef") when trying to load map tiles

You get the georef error because the location is not initialized (probably GCS still blank and no aircraft are present). You can't get map tiles for nowhere...
Solution: Set up your telemetry properly so you get messages from the aircraft OR start a simulation with the appropriate coordinates then load the map tiles.

How do I check if my telemetry is working?

Solution: Launch the link and messages tools in the Paparazzi Center. You should see the the messages coming in (blinking green) in the messages window.
You might need to adjust the device and baud-rate of the link according to your setup, e.g. link -d /dev/ttyUSB0 -s 57600