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Bill Of Material

Booz GPS

Qty Schematic part name Value Description Package Manufacturer Manufacturer part # Digikey part# Mouser part#
4 R4,R5 0R RES 0.0 OHM 1/10W 5% 0603 SMD 0603 Vishay/Dale CRCW06030000Z0EA 541-0.0GCT-ND 71-CRCW0603-0-E3
1 R1,R2,R3 150R RES 150 OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD 0603 Vishay/Dale 0R ddddddddddddd mmmmmmmmmmmmm
2 C5 470pF/Low ESR CAP 470pF 10V X7R 0603 0603 Murata Electronics North America mmmmmppppppnnnnnn dddddddddddddddd mmmmmmmmmmmmm
2 C2,C4, C6 100nF CAP 100000PF 16V CERM X7R 0603 0603 Panasonic - ECG mmmmmppppppnnnnnn ddddddddddddddddd mmmmmmmmmmmmm
3 C1, C3 22uF CAP CERM 22uF 5% 50V X7R 0603 0603 AVX Corporation mmmmmmppppppnnnnn dddddddddddddddd mmmmmmmmmmm
1 VREG1 regulator VREG1 xxxxx xxxxxx MIC5209 ddddddddddd mmmmmmmm
1 LEA-6H GPS module u-blox LEA-4P/5H/6H GPS module xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx GPS module ddddddddddd mmmmmmmmm



PCB Board


Bill of Material

Booz GPS V1.1 Schematics