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By default the XVert from Horrizon Hobby is a two-prop hybrid VTOL fixed wing, designed to be controlled with DSMX RC. It features a STM32F3 board, which can be reprogrammed with Paparazzi through SWD. A GPS, magneto en datalink can be added by using the expansion ports on this board so that autonomous flight can be achieved.

Getting started

What you need

  1. An XVert EFL1800
  2. The Hobbyking Joystick
  3. A Black Magic Probe (BMP) or similar SWD programmer
  4. A GPS + magneto
  5. An XBee datalink
  6. A laptop with Ubuntu and paparazzi installed

Steps to follow:

  1. Upgrade the XVert with the XBee and GPS
  2. Install Paparazzi via the one liner to be found here. Just Cut 'n Paste (CTRL+C from webbrowser then CTRL+SHIFT+V in your Linux terminal) and press ENTER
  3. Start Paparazzi Center with the TUDelft configuration
  4. In the Paparazzi center choose "Xvert" in the airframe dropdown menu
  5. Power up the XVert
  6. Connect the SWD pins of the BMP as shown in the image TODO
  7. Press the "Upload" button in the Paparazzi Center, wait...
  8. Plug in the XBee to the laptop
  9. Select Hobbyking in the session menu
  10. Press execute
  11. Select FlightUSB0 in the session menu
  12. Press execute again

Voila, you should get telemetry from your XVert. Now it is up to you how and where to fly.


Hardware that has to be added manually is marked with an (*).


  • CYRF DSMX RC radio chip (not yet supported)
  • XBee datalink(*)


  • 2 Brushless Outrunner motors
  • EPO foam wing
  • Two elerons


  • Lithium Polymer 2S 800 mAh
  • Flight time: ?


  • 3-axes gyroscope (MPU 6500)
  • 3-axes accelerometer (MPU 6500)
  • Pressure Baro sensor (MEAS 5607)




  • 2 BL280 2600Kv
  • 2 4 Gram Servo (SPMSA220)


  • TODO (*)


  • TODO


  • Without TODO
  • With add-ons TODO


Top view XVert board
Top view XVert board

Extension UART port pa3 (corner) UART2RX pa2 UART2TX vdd vss

Baro / GPS / Magneto I2C port pf6 I2C scl2 pf7 I2C sda2 vdd vss (corner)

Servo 1 vss vdd PA13 SWDIO

Servo 2 vss (corner) vdd pa11

SWD connection to Black Magic Probe:

|-----PA13 (SWDIO) -> TP17


|-----pa14 (swclk) -> TP12

|-----Not connected (trace)

I2C IMU MPU6500: pb6 pb7

escs ftdi orangje (TX) --> A10 (RX) --> U10 ftdi geel (RX) --> A9 (TX) --> TP15

I2CSDA1 A14 B7 B9 I2CSCL1 A15 B6 B8

Something analog on pa5 and pa6?

The CYRF is connected to SPI.

First time flash

The first time the xvert is flashed, some extra steps are required to delete the protected programming.

Black magic probe steps:

  • target extended-remote /dev/ttyACM0
  • monitor tpwr enable
  • monitor swdp_scan
  • attach 1
  • mon option erase
  • load /home/houjebek/paparazzi/var/aircrafts/aaf3d/ap/ap.elf


Per default no GPS but one an be added e.g. over I2C bus. A combined Magneto GPS module is a simple way to also add a magnetometer in the same modification run