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I'm a paparazzi enthusuiast from Canberra (Australia) and the guy behind

Who is this rufus character ?

  • My name is Chris Gough, some people call me rufus (for reasons I don't fully understand).
  • the best way to reach me is christopher (dot) d (dot) gough (at)
  • my skype identity is christopher.d.gough, but it's not a good way to reach me.
  • I rabble-rouse on GitHub as monkeypants.
  • my eBay persona is monkeypants007.
  • my phone number is (+61) 418441605 (a mobile).

I'm NOT this guy:

I mostly fly fixed-wing foam planes with Twogs/Tinys and IR;

Current project: Lisa/M Quad

I am currently gathering parts for a my first Quad project, which also be my first foray into STM32 paparazzi. So far, I have accumulated:

  • Lisa/M with Asprin (yay!) and a JTag thingy.
  • orderd a VC-450 quad frame, expect to have it soon.
  • 1000 Kv motors, (add link). These seem similar to what most of the VC-450 users on the RC Groups thread are using.
  • 20A PWM controllers, (add link). No idea if they will support fast enough PWM, my plan is to try 400 Hz and see if it works. If not wind back until I find the fastest speed they do work at, and if it's not <200Hz use them anyhow, otherwise donate them to other projects and get something different.
  • 10"*4.75" props (add link), not yet balanced but will before I use them.
  • 2 cheap Orange DSM2 satellite receivers from HobbyKing
  • 900Hz xbees (international firmware, 915-928 MHz and power limited to fit withing the Australian ISM class licence)
  • plenty of xbees, batteries, picoblade, a new design NEO-6Q GPS (will fall back to a LEA-5H if this creates problems), etc

I need to acquire a DSM2 transmitter. Either a Spectrum/JR module and a Turnigy 9X transmitter (because I like the idea of an open source transmitter), or a Spectrum 5i (because a friend has one he's not using that I can borrow). I don't know if the 5i has a 3 position switch, I'll check it out before buying the Spectrum module.

My plan is to make a robust and strait-forward quad the easiest way I can find, and learn to fly it. After that, I'd like to switch to 36 MHz PPM control or fly by telemetry (joystick) to free up 2.4 GHz for an analog video.