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I'm a paparazzi enthusuiast from Canberra (Australia) and the guy behind

Who is this rufus character ?

  • My name is Chris Gough, some people call me rufus (for reasons I don't fully understand).
  • the best way to reach me is christopher (dot) d (dot) gough (at)
  • my skype identity is christopher.d.gough, but it's not a good way to reach me.
  • I rabble-rouse on GitHub as monkeypants.
  • my eBay persona is monkeypants007.
  • my phone number is (+61) 418441605 (a mobile).

I'm NOT this guy:

I fly fixed-wing foam planes with Twogs/Tinys and IR;

  • EasyStar.
  • 450W 1.2m EPP wing (<1kg, based on windrider Beevolution)
  • 650W 2.5m EPP wing (>3kg, based on windrider QueenBee)

My current development focus is driven by:

  • a local OBC effort for 2011 (CanberraUAV), even though it's ArduPilot based :)
  • a civillian "reconossance for off-road convoy" use-case.
  • a livestock-tracking application.

I'm currently working on:

  • evaluation of a possible MavLink <--> Ivy/Paparazzi "bridge", so components of a Papparazzi UAS could interoperate components based on the MavLink protocol (e.g. QGroundControl).
  • A dedicated EZ* for playing with the bomb navigation subsystem at night.

I also plan to start getting into OpenCV in a few months.

Note to self: check this out some time DevGuide/USB-Serial.