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Matthew Currie

Matt.currie thumb.jpg


IRC Nick: dc3
Location: Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Currently building Tiny 1.1 boards in-house for a few group members, including myself.



  • Assembled a number of Tiny 13 v1.1 boards
  • Configured laptop with latest paparazzi3 source
  • Installed bootloader on Tiny and downloaded user code
  • Purchased Molex PicoBlade crimper and built various harnesses airborne and field
  • Constructed Funjet airframe, test flew a dozen times
  • Built waterproof ground radio box with 20 foot RS232 cable for pole mount


  • Develop basic airframe file
  • Complete airborne wiring harness
  • Mount IR Sensors
  • Order 12 dBi radome enclosed yagi
  • Fly

WIKI Contributions

this is just a scratch pad of notes, etc.. might as well put them on the wiki so other can drop in on them..

Tiny13 1.1 draws 34mAh from the main supply when powered by 18V.

Q: [Tiny 1.1] I get error accessing USB when trying to load code to the Autopilot

A: You need to copy a USB rules file following the instructions below update: this did not appear to solve the problem. not sure why I figured it did.

# cd [paparazzi3 folder]
# cp conf/system/udev/rules/10-paparazzi.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/

Q: [Tiny 0.9-1.1] What is the command to compile the ARM7 code?

A: the two relevant commands are below. Replace [AIRCRAFT] with the name of your aircraft.

# cd [parazzi3 folder]'
# make AIRCRAFT=[AIRCRAFT] ap.compile

to download code that has already been compiled

# cd [parazzi3 folder]'
# make AIRCRAFT=[AIRCRAFT] ap.upload

Q: How do I get GCS to talk to the AP with straight serial and not a modem?

A: Here is an example of a section of my paparazzi3/conf/control_panel.xml

<session name="4 Matt Flight">
  <program name="link">
    <arg flag="-d" constant="/dev/ttyUSB0"/>
    <arg flag="-transport" constant="pprz"/>
    <arg flag="-uplink" constant=""/>
  <program name="server"/>
  <program name="gcs"/>

Q: How do I load the USB Bootloader onto the Tiny?

A: Start by wiring up 3.3V RS232 from the PC to the Tiny.

The serial lines on the ARM7 micro are 5V tolerant so if it helps cut down on complexity/parts you could use 5V RS232 for this. Optional: You could also form a basic resistor voltage divider on the PC TX -> AP RX

  • LPC_P0.14 (SERIAL_1-5) must be asserted low (held to ground) while the Tiny powers up in order to enter the Serial Boot Loader. (You could also wire this to a pushbutton which ties it to ground, holding this button briefly while you power up the AP. This pin does not need to stay low during the programming or any time afterwards)

once these connections have been made, execute this command in a console

# make PROC=GENERIC upload_bl