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Mini Telemaster

This is a self built airframe. Built from plans. The Telemaster was choosen for it's excelent flying characteristics, to help make it easier to get used to the amazing Paparazzi system. If you are new to the system, a stable plane to start with is a must. Tuning and flying this plane is largely due to the lovely ENAC time and other active Paparazzi users. A special thanks to Pascal for having infinite patience to take time and answer all my questions!


  • All Depron, Styrofoam and Fiberglass
  • 4 Channel trainer
  • Super strong Carbon Fiber wing spar for added payloads
  • Overpowered setup giving ample room to add additional sensors and payloads


  • 42" Span
  • 620gms AUW
  • Tiny 2.11 ( ~21.5gms )
  • Approx. Wing area ~2 sq. ft.
  • ~160W power setup on a 9*6 APC-E