STM32F3 Discovery

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STM32F3Discovery front.jpg


Reading this page does not mean all is finished, wrapped up and done... no, currently Paparazzi enthusiast have spend their own cash on some of the STMF3 boards. So please join us in our quest and help developing and testing.

Current development status see git page

A redux of the pull request in the works as well a validation test with this hardware flying a representative quadcopter and one in a simple fixedwing.


  • STMicroelectronics STM32F303VCT6 Cortex M4 MCU, up to 72Mhz with floating point unit (FPU), 48 KB RAM, 256 KB Flash
  • on-board STLinkv2 with SWD header (capable of programming onboard or external MCU)
  • on-board power regulator for the MCU (3V or 5V Input)
  • 1 x user push button
  • 8 x LED (2x red, 2x blue, 2x green, 2x orange)
  • x x UART
  • x x SPI
  • x x I2C
  • x x ADC inputs (one is used for BAT voltage)
  • 1 x PPM input
  • 1 x Spektrum input (with bind pin)
  • 97 x 66 mm PCB
  • 3 x status LED (USB red, USB green, power)
  • LSM303DLH, MEMS 3 axis accelerometer and 3D axis magnetometer
  • L3GD20 MEMS3 axis gyroscope


To see which revison of an ST board one might have, on the white lable e.g. MB1035 B-00, that would be: Rev B.0

These board exits it the wild:

  • Rev D.1 --> PCB label MB1035 D-01, only silkscreen modification STM32F303C-DISC1 replaced by STM32F3DISCOVERY
  • Rev C.1 --> PCB label MB1035 C-01, SB13 and SB15 closed,
  • STM32F103C8T6 replaced by STM32F103CBT6, ST-LINK/V2-B
  • Rev B.1 --> PCB B-00, reverse LEDs Colors Red/Blue on sheet 4, only a picture modification
  • Rev B.0 --> PCB B-00, added 2 SB to isolate USB USER
  • Rev A.0 --> First Version

I/O overview

STM32F3Discovery pinout.jpg



Quadrocopter, Spektrum Satellite Receiver, PWM Motor Controllers (ESC) and dedicated avionics Battery Elimination Circuit (BEC)

{TODO: add image}


Fixedwing, Spektrum Satellite Receiver and Elevons Only

Firmware Flashing

FLASH_MODE=STLINK is set as default

STM32F3 Discovery can mainly be programmed in two different ways:


  • with onboard STLinkV2 over SWD
  • required hardware: usb to mini USB cable
  • required software: st_flash and st_util from Texane
  • more information: [page] page


  • with the MCU native (embedded in rom) DFU USB bootloader over the mini USB connector
  • required hardware: USB to mini usb cable
  • required external software: dfu-util
  • push MCU in DFU mode: connect user mini (not STLink) USB to PC, connect pin BOOT0 with 3V, press reset button, disconnect BOOT0
  • more information: DFU page


None yet... but if you have 'm, please add 'm


There is work done on a modified STMF3Discovery board with main MCU removed and a STMF373 processor (on 48ins) added as replacement. Also various other STM32F3 based boards and complete aircraft are available at devs. The plan is to also support those boards after a successful test-fligts with the Discovery boards