STM32F3 Discovery

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STM32F3Discovery front.jpg File:STM32F3Discovery back.jpg


Current development status see git page

  • STMicroelectronics STM32F303VCT6 Cortex M4 MCU, up to 72Mhz with floating point unit (FPU), 48 KB RAM, 256 KB Flash
  • on-board STLinkv2 with SWD header (capable of programming onboard or external MCU)
  • on-board power regulator for the MCU (3V or 5V Input)
  • 1 x user push button
  • 8 x LED (2x red, 2x blue, 2x green, 2x orange)
  • x x UART
  • x x SPI
  • x x I2C
  • x x ADC inputs (one is used for BAT voltage)
  • 1 x PPM input
  • 1 x Spektrum input (with bind pin)
  • 97 x 66 mm PCB
  • 3 x status LED (USB red, USB green, power)
  • LSM303DLH, MEMS 3 axis accelerometer and 3D axis magnetometer
  • L3GD20 MEMS3 axis gyroscope



Firmware Flashing

FLASH_MODE=STLINK is set as default

STM32F3 Discovery can mainly be programmed in two different ways:


  • with onboard STLinkV2 over SWD
  • required hardware: usb to mini USB cable
  • required software: st_flash and st_util from Texane
  • more information: STLink page


  • with the MCU native (embedded in rom) DFU USB bootloader over the mini USB connector
  • required hardware: USB to mini usb cable
  • required external software: dfu-util
  • push MCU in DFU mode: connect user mini (not STLink) USB to PC, connect pin BOOT0 with 3V, press reset button, disconnect BOOT0
  • more information: DFU page