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The direct SPI SD Logger is originally designed to be used with the Lisa/S, but should also be compatible with other supported autopilots. It connects directly to the SPI bus of the autopilot and communicates using the SDCards SPI interface. This method is slower than when using it in SD mode, but the speed is sufficient to log IMU data at 512 Hz.


Lisa/SD module


The SD Card needs to be connected to the SPI bus of the autopilot. The pinout for an SD Card is shown in the figure.

  • VSS = Ground
  • VDD = 3.3V
microSD pinout (source)


A SuperbitRF-sized PCB connects the SD card to the Lisa/S. Additionally, this PCB has pads to connect a Deltang R31d RC receiver and a molex connector for general purpose.

Lisa/SD module with Deltang R31d


Using it

Example on Lisa/S rotorcraft

Exmaple on Lisa/M fixedwing