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THIS page is a work in Progress and surely not complete over time more info will be added. Feel free to add info yourself also... anyhow A new AP board from the They probably took e good look at the Apogee board and decided to build something similar, nice and small. The called it the Paixracer aka XRacera. The new HW board heas opensource open schematics.

Would it not be great being able to run Paparazzi on it? The paparazzi team set to work and now you can enjoy running Paparazzi Autopilot on this Pixracer v1.0 board.


One can buy it here:


This wiki is not the only place to get some info about the Hardware ofcourse. Here some more.


Here two example airframes:

  • OpenUAS Eflight-T28
  • TU Delft Splash