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Since the Pixracer is open but not designed by the Paparazzi team, also the most information can be found on party websites

A good starting point for more in depth information about the hardware can be found here. For all the Software related to Paparazzi on the Pixracer, this wiki should be a good place to read.

Some nice openhardware developers designed a new Autopilot called the Pixracer. They probably took e good look at the Apogee board and decided to build something similar, nice and small. They called it the Pixracer aka XRacer. The new HW board has opensource open schematics that made life much easier porting Paparazzi to it.

Would it not be great being able to run Paparazzi on it?

The paparazzi team has set to work and now you can enjoy running Paparazzi Autopilot on this Pixracer v1.0 board.

It is up to you to choose the Chibios based version or the Bare metal.


One can buy it here:


This wiki is not the only place to get some info about the Hardware ofcourse. Here some more.


Here two example airframes:

  • OpenUAS Eflight-T28
  • TU Delft Splash