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POW means Paparazzi On the Web. This software package provides a web interface for Paparazzi users. That allows user to watch and pilot a drone on a web browser via Internet.


File:Exemple.jpg <image de l'interface>

The system is based on Java technology. It is divided in 3 parts : one running on the ground station, and the others on a server machine.

< image du schema de base>

Server Side

A web server does the link between Paparrazi drones and web users. Data coming from drones are just reformatted by the server and sent to the different web users. The interface that web users have on their browser is a simple html and Javascript page hosted by the server. There is also a mysql database running on the server. This database is used mainly for logging purposes.

On Paparazzi side

Paparrazi drones are connected to the server via a software bus named ivy and a java application.

How to get POW source code ?

It is available on a subversion server.

   * The source for the ivy client (link between Paparazzi and Internet) is here : http://xxx
   * The source for the server (relay on the ground station) is here : http://yyy 

Requirements and Installation

On server machine

server type

On the server machine

On each Paparrazi system to connect to Internet