Multiple Parrot Drones as Swarm via WiFi Router

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Multiple Parrot Drones as Swarm via WiFi Router


If you are eager to try and fly multiple Bebop or Discos at the same time and communicate to each-other, this is the page to read hot to get that to work

What your need

  • 2x Bebop
  • 1x Router
  • Your Fieldlaptop


First all your Bebops need to be configured. Repeat for all your Bebops

There is a configuration to make. Here are some examples as a start:

cd ~/paparazzi/sw/tools/parrot

./ configure_network YOURROUTERSSID managed dhcp

./ wifikey none none

or if you have WPA2 and fixed IP's and do not have set the MAC of your Bebop in your DHCP for a static lease. IP is an example, your router could be on a different subnet. Ofcourse change the YOURROUTERSSID and YOURKEY to the SSID of your router end the password of your network.

cd ~/paparazzi/sw/tools/parrot

./ configure_network YOURROUTERSSID managed

./ wifikey wpa2 YOURKEY


To be able to cross-communicate some changes to the Bebop airframe need to be made:



  • To make things manageable, one could also resort to local name resolving where the last part name of the device is the aircraft ID.
  • Or set the last part of a static IP number to the Aircraft ID of your airframes


Press and hold the Powerbutton for 10seconds in a row until the light turns red, that is a factory reset.