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This page is dedicated to Paparazzi "promotion". As soon as this project is marvelous in technical and social way, it seems logical to make it look shining. Not all of us can do electronics, or solder chips to help this project directly, but we all want/like/love to fly and every member of a project is a value. If there is a way you can help and want to, then do it and everybody will benefit.

New Logo Guidelines

  • Do not include the Linux Penguin in the logo (wrong message)
    • The penguin is a mascot of the Linux Kernel project.
    • It has nothing to do with Paparazzi besides the fact that it was part of the logo since the very beginning.
    • It gives the impression that Paparazzi (autopilot as well as ground software) only run on Linux.
  • A black and white version of the logo must be easy to make (we can have a color version for web)
    • We want to be able to easily put the logo on PCB silkscreens / small PCBs
    • We want to be able to easily print T-Shirts
  • A tiny version of the logo has to be recognizable
    • We want to be able to put the logo on small PCBs
  • Preferably use only straight and circular lines, to make PCB logo creation easy
  • We need a serious logo representing
    • Flight
    • Stability
    • Versatility / Flexibility
    • Show it is applicable to many types of aircraft (Airplane, Rotorcraft, Helicopter, Ornithopter)
    • Portability

Logo Proposals

Here is a small collection of logos that people submitted as possible new logo candidates.

Porco Rosso (WingPenguin)

I wanted to propose new logo. I like the old one, but maybe this will do too, I'm no artist so it's just a sketch.

Porcorosso paparazzi logo proposal.jpg

I think this logo is disqualified as it uses the Tux in it. See the requirement list above. Esden (talk)

Philipan (Aviator Tux)

This logo was proposed by philipan on gitter. Included here for reference.

Philipan paparazzi logo proposal.png

I think this logo is disqualified as it uses the Tux. See the requirement list above. Esden (talk)

It would be hard to make a good looking black and white version for PCB use. Esden (talk)

Gautier (Circle Square)

A concept of very simple logo, a circle with a square in the middle. Some explanations:

  • this is inspired by antic Chinese coins
  • it is used as lucky charms
  • it represents the sky (round part) and the earth (square part) in Zen philosophy
  • it can be seen as a propeller disk and an electronic board in the middle
  • the ratio I used for the two sizes are (close to) the gold number

Circle square paparazzi logo proposal.png