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Using the Live CD

LightScribe CD Cover

Please note: the Live CD is from 2008. Everything should still work, but a lot of development has happened ever since. It can be still useful to get a first glimpse on Paparazzi.

The LiveCD is an easy way to test Paparazzi: no installation is required and no changes are made to your computer. Simply burn the image as a boot CD and reboot! The LiveCD includes Linux and the complete paparazzi binary package (code source, tools and cross compilers). It is intended for demonstration only and not frequently updated but it contains the complete system and can store changed files on a pen drive or compressed file on your hard drive so that it can compile, flash, and operate any aircraft, albeit slowly.

The CD image and a howto on Using the Boot CD is available from the Downloads page.

The Paparazzi demo is launchable on the Live CD from the Paparazzi icon.

Knoppix allows for all the user data to be saved on a hard disk partition (most file systems are supported) or on a removable device (typically a USB pendrive). Note that this action is not destructive: the user data tree is compressed and stored on your file system as a single file (knoppix.img).

  • From the Knoppix menu (second from bottom left), choose Configure, Create a persistent KNOPPIX disk image
  • Choose your media (be sure to connect your USB pendrive before booting!)
  • Choose if you want an encrypted filesystem (to protect your flight plan designed for the next MAV competition :-) )
  • Choose the size of your home directory (100Mb is recommended)

On the next reboot, this saved state will be automatically located and loaded.

Using this persistent feature, the Paparazzix Live CD can really be used to configure, simulate and fly an aircraft with the Paparazzi system.

The Live CD can also be used to install a Debian system on the hard disk, using the knoppix-installer command. Be sure to backup the hard disk before trying ...

A LiveCD needs some looks... In color or in LightScribe format, your CD will always look cool.

  • The LightScribe version is in Nero Cover Design format (.ncd) and it's here for download LightScribe CD Cover 1
  • Better is of course to use it on an OpenSource OS, some Linux software to be found here: Lightscribe for Linux