Lisa Asctec Bringup

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This page describes the process of Assembling a Lisa on an Asctec frame with Asctec X-BL motor controllers and motors, from assembly to the first flight.



  • USART3 Spektrum RC sattelite
  • USART2 telemetry modem or PC

Compiling STM32 firmware

make AIRCRAFT=LISA_ASCTEC clean_ac ap.compile

Flashing STM32 firmware


Testing telemetry

Start the paparazzi program launcher:


Now you have to start a series of programs.


Connects the air network with the ground network. In our case it takes the serial data from USART2 and translates them to network packets.

link -d /dev/ttyUSB1 -s 57600

messages & realtime plotter

This program is a "sniffer" it displays the packets going around on the ground network and displays them as numbers. You also may want to start the realtime plotter. You can drag values from the messages window into the realtime plotter to plot the data as a curve over time.

settings & server

Settings allows you to view configuration values on the vehicle. If you want to change any of them you will also need to start server that dispatches the data and transfers them to the vehicle. You need to tell the settings program what vehicle you are using:

settings -ac LISA_ASCTEC


Last but not least you may want to start the GroundControlSoftware where you can view and control the autonomous flight data.

Spektrum Satellite Receiver

You may need to make several changes to the 'sw/airborne/booz/radio_control/booz_radio_control_spektrum_dx7se.h' file. We created a new file called 'booz_radio_control_spektrum_dx7se_joby.h'. This file is included by adding the following line to the airframe file:

ap.CFLAGS += -DRADIO_CONTROL_SPEKTRUM_MODEL_H=\"radio_control/booz_radio_control_spektrum_dx7se_joby.h\"

If Lisa doesn't seem to be receiving from your Spektrum receiver, check

#define RC_SPK_SYNC_2 0x12

Our receiver's second sync bit was actually 0x01.

Check the mapping and signs of the RC channels by viewing the paparazzi telemetry. You also want to include the kill switch channel if it is not already there. Our mapping and signs look like this:

#define RADIO_CONTROL_ROLL       0
#define RADIO_CONTROL_PITCH      3
#define RADIO_CONTROL_YAW        6
#define RADIO_CONTROL_MODE       1
                        MAX_PPRZ/MAX_SPK, \
                       -MAX_PPRZ/MAX_SPK, \
                       -MAX_PPRZ/MAX_SPK, \
                        MAX_PPRZ/MAX_SPK, \
                        MAX_PPRZ/MAX_SPK, \
                        MAX_PPRZ/MAX_SPK }

Motor Mapping

Depending on which propellers are mounted where, you need to edit your airframe file (in the supervision section). Our mapping looked like this:

   <define name="ROLL_COEF"   value="{    0,    0,  256, -256 }"/>
   <define name="PITCH_COEF"  value="{  256, -256,    0,    0 }"/>
   <define name="YAW_COEF"    value="{ -256, -256,  256,  256 }"/>
   <define name="THRUST_COEF" value="{  256,  256,  256,  256 }"/>

Check Motor Controllers

The Asctec motor controller bypass capacitors are prone to damage. Replace them if they look dented, otherwise the motor controllers will not function.