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Building an Overo image for Lisa with Open Embedded

The goal is to use openmbedded to build an image for the overo with the bits needed for Lisa. Currently this includes

  1. libevent
  2. linux kernel (maintained at git://
    1. based on gumstix-oe from (git://
    2. antoine's patch for spi device node on overo
    3. preempt-rt patch
  • Make sure you have bitbake and build-essential installed:
apt-get install bitbake build-essential
  • Make an overo-oe directory in your home directory, cd into it:
mkdir ~/overo-oe
cd ~/overo-oe
  • Clone Allen's openmebedded tree:
git clone
  • Copy build profile into ~/overo-oe, source it:
cp .
source ~/overo-oe/build/profile
  • Use bitbake to build the image:
bitbake omap3-lisa-image