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Lisa ( the Lost Illusions Serendipitous Autopilot) is a STM32/Overo board designed to run Paparazzi


  • Generic
    • JTAG on STM32: ok
    • I2C on STM32:
    • SPI on STM32:
    • Pressure sensors:
    • USB for gumstix : does 5V need to be switchable ? (to allow reset from the gumstix)
    • Make sure STM32 can interrupt overo
  • Antoine:
    • Take todo's from above associate to names
    • Todo's from sheet 3
    • Check's from sheet 5
    • Pressure sensor instruction to gany (redo airspeed computation), so he can finish the schematic for that (or finish it directly in the schematic)
    • work with piotr on connecting the missing wires on the STM
  • Esden:
    • STM32 spelling and connection check
    • Fix STM32 footprint pad sizes
    • howto for STM32 gcc gdb toolchain (blinking LED or similar)
    • Routing rules that have to be observed
  • Gany:
    • Check FT2232 footprint hw/lbr/booz.lbr qfn-64 size & pinbelegung
    • Place components
    • Route board
    • Send for production 4pcb/pcbcard(china)/sunstone


The hardware is still in development. The current CAD files are maintained in savannah svn in the paparazzi4/trunk/hw/lisa directory. Software development is done on a Overo/Summit + Olimex STM32-H103 dev board

Lisa proto.jpg


STM32 toolchain

You can use the summon-arm-toolchain script to build the required toolchain. For the default values of the Paparazzi Makefile to work, you should set

PREFIX=/opt/stm32/toolchain/arm-elf and LIBSTM32_EN=1

Open Embedded

Open Embedded is the linux distribution used on the overo. You can follow the instructions on gumstix's website to build a complete cross development environment. Paparazzi's Makefile will default to look for it in /overo-oe