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The Project Page

The Paparazzi project is hosted at Savannah where the SVN repository is available.

The IRC Chat Channel

 Network: Freenode
 Network Host:
 Channel: #paparazzi
  • Web Based: You can use a web-based IRC portal that makes it easy for people to jump in from any computer. Simply enter a unique nickname, and say hello to the team!
  • Client Software: Download one of the many freeware/shareware IRC clients and put #paparazzi at the top of your favorites list!
    mIRC (Windows)

Paparazzi Users Forum

These forums should not attempt to replace the wiki, but rather compliment it. Sometimes information is buried in this wiki and hard to find, this could help people know where to find it. Standard policy is to answer peoples questions by pointing them to the place on the wiki. If it doesn't exist, answer and then put it on the wiki. This way you have double the exposure to the info and it becomes easier for people to find.

Paparazzi Youtube and Other Video Site Links

Paparazzi teams/users/contributors (German)


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