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The Project Page

The Paparazzi project hosts

Get your files and additional information there, and have fun improving.

The IRC Chat Channel

 Network: Freenode
 Network Host:
 Channel: #paparazzi
  • Web Based: You can use a web-based IRC portal that makes it easy for people to jump in from any computer. Simply enter a unique nickname, and say hello to the team!
  • Client Software: Download one of the many freeware/shareware IRC clients and put #paparazzi at the top of your favorites list!
    mIRC (Windows)

Paparazzi Blog

There is a blog about Paparazzi and related things at

Paparazzi Users Forum

If the mailing list would not be sufficient, a new Paparazzi specific forum will be available in the end of August 2010 to be found at . If you would like to have beta access send a mail to openuas at gmail (anda dottyhere) com

Paparazzi Youtube and Other Video Site Links

Paparazzi teams/users/contributors (German)


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