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Steps to get RAW sensor output from your fixed wing IMU

At a high level the way this works is in your settings XML file you'll have settings that appear in the GCS under the settings tab. If you have more or less settings options in GCS/settings it's based on what's in the settings XML file. For fixed wing IMU like Asprin or ppzimu you'll want to use the settings file:tuning_ins.xml.

In Paparazzi Center

In Paparazzi center in addition to your airframe file, flight plan you'll want to select the "tuning_ins.xml" settings file. Then your radio XML file and then lastly the Telemetry file: default_fixedwing_ins.xml Clean, build and Upload. Then Execute to launch the paparazzi apps.


Go to the Settings tab, then select the mode tab. Then from mode select tele_AP pull down and choose "Raw". Click the Green Check to commit the change to the autopilot. At this time Raw sensor data only will be streaming into the log file found in ${PAPARAZZI_HOME}/var/logs directory.