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(HB-MINI-Autopilot first Quadrocopter flight)
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     Ralf Corsepius
     Ralf Corsepius
=HB-MINI-planar Autopilot=
Due the progress in sensor electronics it was possible to design a autopilot with one planar PCB.
Compared to the HB-Autopilot V1.0  the following differences are given:
• use of new planar sensors: magnetsesor HMC5743, rate sensors LPR530AL LY530ALH or IDG500, IXZ500
• only one free 16Bit ADC input, and free 8 ADC Inputs with 10 bit, no intern difference pressure sensor, the 16Bit ADC is optional.
• dimensions 57mm*30mm* 11mm, cost: 26Euro for the 4 layer pcb, and 170 to 180 with all sensors. For normal plane aircrafts you can save about 60 Euro (no magnetsensor, no 16 Bit ADC, no pressure sensor)
== Block Architecture ==
== Circuit Diagram page 1 ==
== Circuit Diagram page 2 ==
== Foto of Top side of PCB ==
== Foto of Bottom side of PCB ==
[[Image:HB_MINI_Bottompcb.jpg ]]
== HB-MINI-Autopilot on a Quadrocopter ==
== HB-MINI-Autopilot first Quadrocopter flight ==

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HB_Autopilot Solutions

HB-Autopilot V1.0

The HB_Autopilot V1.0 hardware was built in Bremen based on Tiny 1.3 and Tiny 2.2 hardware. It uses like booz a mcu and sensor pcb. The sensor pcb has same extensions to the booz pcb: temperature sensor pressure sensor with 24Bit ADC and difference pressure sensor. It can be used for a fixed wing aircraft or work with quadrocopters or helicopters.

Source: http://www.akaflieg.hs-bremen.de Andreas Dei Report: http://www.akaflieg.hs-bremen.de/download/HB-Autopilot.pdf

HB_Autopilot Images

Detailed Images

Block Architecture

Block Schematic.jpg

Hardware Source Files

Hardware- and software- files can be found here: https://www.akaflieg.hs-bremen.de/trac/akaflieg/wiki/airborne/hw/autopilot

Bill Of Material

For now you can see the BOM from Hardware Source Files.


Team staff:

   Heinrich Warmers  hwarmers at hs-bremen.de
   Oliver Riesener   oliver.riesener at hs-bremen.de

Student work:

   Andreas Dei       andreas.dei at gmx.de    
   Thu Nguyen
   Christoph Niemann
   Henning Sauerland
   Malte Lorbach
   Arthur Neumann
   Johannes Behn

Authors of external sources:

   R O SoftWare
   Michael Walter
   Ralf Corsepius