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= Videos =
= Videos =
{{#ev:youtube|TG-2z-KdJEI|200|left}} Introduction to the [[G0]] Autopilot - Video by the [[User:Esden | Esden from ]] [[1BitSquared]]
{{#ev:youtube|TG-2z-KdJEI|200|left}} Introduction to the [[G0]] GPS Receiver Module - Video by the [[User:Esden | Esden from ]] [[1BitSquared]]
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G0 GPS V1.1

G0 is a low cost GPS receiver designed for the use with Autonomous aircraft. G0 GPS was designed as a companion GPS for the Elle0 autopilot, and mounts directly on top of it. But you can also use it with any other autopilot that accepts 3.3V TTL level UART GPS and can provide 5V to the GPS. G0 features a very accurate UBlox MAX-7Q GPS module, large ground plane for good EMI and multi path signal rejection, as well as a high quality 25mm Taoglas ceramic patch antenna. G0 performs very well as a GPS for fully autonomous aircraft that usually suffer from GPS loss and accuracy fluctuations due to attitude changes.


  • Based on the Ublox MAX-7Q GPS module
  • Uses high quality Taoglass ceramic Patch antenna
  • Whole circuit is protected from EMI by an EMI shielding can
  • Power and data lines are equipped with ferrite beads to decrease the amount of external noise entering the GPS circuitry.
  • Large antenna ground-plane (50 x 50 mm)
  • Optional trapezoidal ground plane skirt

The large ground plane around the antenna increases the overall gain of the antenna. The ground plane also prevents more of the reflected GPS signal from being received by the GPS antenna. Less multi-path GPS signal results in more accurate position measurement. Together with the EMI shielding can, the ground-plane also prevents more of the aircraft EMI noise from entering the GPS receiver antenna. This also improves the SNR (Signal to Noise ratio).



Introduction to the G0 GPS Receiver Module - Video by the Esden from 1BitSquared


Set up examples

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Where to Buy

G0 is available for purchase in the 1BitSquared store.