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Some more info [Doxygen]

Very Quick I'm feeling Lucky Tuning Manual

Start with:


  • alt-pgain about 0.1
  • speed-pgain about 0.2


  • airspeed sp -> make sure it is OK
  • cruise_throttle -> your preferred initial cruise throttle: 0.6 ? (this is overruled/adapted by the tot_en_i-gain)
  • cruise pitch -> zero or your preferred initial cruise pitch (this is overruled/adapted by the dis_en_i-gain)
  • P_en_tot -> 20% of slider
  • I_en_tot -> 20% of slider
  • P_en_dis -> 20% of slider
  • I_en_dis -> 20% of slider

More Step By Step

To allow nice step by step tuning with less risk, I recommend to start with the integrators set to zero.

If you do not thrust your airspeed or IMU you might even start with all en_tot en en_dis gains set to zero but with the throttle_incr gain set to about 0.1 and the pitch_of_vz set to also about 0.1 to turn it into a traditional old-style fixedwing outerloop (without airspeed).

A next possible step is to add a very small bit of I_th_air. This will slowly adapt the cruise throttle to get the correct average airspeed.


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