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All official sources, schematics, etc. can be found on the github page of the Paparazzi Autopilot Team.

Paparazzi Source Code

See getting the code on the Git page for more options and info.

Paparazzi Hardware Plans

  • Download Eagle files for autopilots, sensors, and miscellaneous hardware.
  • Be sure to download both *.brd and *.sch files and use Cadsoft Eagle version 6 or newer to view them. (free version)
  • If downloading the raw files directly from github fails please clone the repository using git to your computer and try accessing the files again.

Paparazzi User's manual

User Submitted Files

  • Upload your patches, scripts, etc. here. Please sign your entry!

Matlab Files

Other Files

  • Link to paparazzi on your gear:
    Paparazzi qr.png