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Here we want to collect our thoughts on the re-design of the booz airborne code.

brain storm

Use Cases

  • Interface on Navigation, Guidance, Stabilization and Supervision level
  • Priority system
    • priority of RC to switch to manual
  • Overlay of different inputs
    • RC over Guidance
    • FMS over RC (e.g. test signal)
  • Limit max. throttle with RC


Describe modules (nav, guidance, stabilization, etc.) as xml with in and outputs. A mode is a specific connection of modules. Events can change the mode.


  • Mode change from RC
  • RC lost
    • goto Home
  • datalink lost
  • GPS lost
    • if in Nav goto failsafe
  • outside zone
  • battery low

possible priority systems:

  1. Every mode belongs to a certain priority level. If an event requests a new mode with a higher priority than the current mode it is switched to the new mode.
    Better suited for a lot of different modes which can be grouped into priority levels.
  2. Every event has a condition (current mode) and associated requested mode (or multiple conditions). If the condition matches the current mode the autopilot will switch to the new mode.
    e.g. Event: GPS lost Condition: Nav mode ReqMode: Failsafe
    This will get tedious with a lot of modes....



  • interface here needed at all?


  • pos setpoint in LTP
  • speed setpoint in LTP ?


  • quaternion fixed point
  • quaternion float


  • roll, pitch, yaw and thrust command. unit? limit?

Current Status

The ImageMap extension is not installed.


input and control loops

The ImageMap extension is not installed.