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(CricketProbe debbuging tool based on Black Magic Probe)
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== Schematic ==
== Schematic ==
[[Image:CricketProbe_v100_schematic.png|left|900px|CricketProbe v1.00 Schematic]]
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== PCB ==
== PCB ==

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The CricketProbe is a debugging tool for microprocessors.
It is a PCB re-design and connectors improvement of the Black Sphere Technologies Black Magic Probe and is fully software-compatible.

CricketProbe v1.00 3D top view

Hardware Revision History

Version # Release Date Release Notes
v1.00 (current) 04/2014 Initial release
v0.00 02/2014 Prototype

Detailed Features

As it is fully compatible with the Black Magic Probe, features are idebtical:
(following is a copy of Black Magic Probe's webpage)

  • Targets ARM Cortex based microcontrollers.
  • Connects to the target processor using the JTAG interface. Alternatively, the ARM Serial Wire Debug protocol may be used.
  • Provides full debugging functionality, including: watchpoints, flash memory breakpoints, memory and register examination, flash memory programming, etc.
  • Supports multiple targets on a single JTAG scan chain.
  • Interface to the host computer is a standard USB CDC ACM device (virtual serial port), which does not require special drivers on Linux.
  • Implements the GDB extended remote debugging protocol for seamless integration with the GNU debugger and other GNU development tools.
  • Implements USB DFU class for easy firmware upgrade as updates become available.
  • Works with Windows, Linux and Mac environments.

Allows you to:

  • Load your application into the target Flash memory or RAM.
  • Single step through your program.
  • Run your program in real-time and halt on demand.
  • Examine and modify CPU registers and memory.
  • Obtain a call stack backtrace.
  • Set up to 6 hardware assisted breakpoints.
  • Set up to 4 hardware assisted read, write or access watchpoints.
  • Set unlimited software breakpoints when executing your application from RAM.




CricketProbe v1.00 Schematic


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