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Get in touch with active members of the group through any of the following means:

Mailing List

Browse the mailing list archives at:

And join the Paparazzi mailing list at:

After registering, you can send an e-mail to the entire group by using the address:

The IRC Chat Channel

The most active discussion occurs on IRC where a dozen or so members are typically online. Stop by anytime and say hello to the group, but don't be discouraged by hours of inactivity at certian times of day.

Web Based Access

You can use a web-based IRC portal that makes it easy for people to jump in from any computer. Simply enter a unique nickname, and say hello to the team! More active users will benefit from the power of conventional client software such as Xchat or mIRC.

Client Software

A full featured IRC chat program is essential for active users. Download one of the many freeware/shareware IRC clients and put irc:// at the top of your favorites list!

  • xchat-gnome is a popular and easy to use freeware application for Linux. To install run
sudo aptitude install xchat-gnome


Choose FreeNode and some nicknames in the network list and click Edit to enter the #paparazzi channel and a Nicserv password. Follow the instructions below to register your chosen nickname and password on the network.

Registering on the Freenode IRC Network

Registering is optional but is required for private one-on-one chats. Private chats are useful for pasting large amounts of code back and forth without flooding the group or for any off-topic discussion you may wish to have. Commands in IRC begin with a forward slash '/'. Type these two commands into your IRC client to register and log on.

Select your own unique password and use it in place of <password>. Make sure you are currently using the "nickname" that you would like to use.

/msg NickServ REGISTER <password>

You will now have registered your nickname to your hostmask (or IP address) and the Freenode IRC network will attempt to prevent others from using your nickname. You will need to identify yourself to the system now every time you log onto IRC with the command below. This can be added to the "perform" section of your software to be run automatically every time you log on.

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password>

These commands return output results as well, depending on what IRC client you are using to chat it may have appeared in either your main chat window or a separate server window where other server related messages appear. Check this window for confirmation.

Note: You may find that your IRC connection will occasionally be interrupted, leaving your nic floating on the server. When this happens the server will not let you log back on using the same nic until that nic has been dropped, usually within 30 minutes. The convention is to append an underscore to your original nic for temporary use. Bold text

Paparazzi Users Forum

If the mailing list would not be sufficient, a new Paparazzi specific forum will be available in the end of June 2010 to be found at