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STM32F7 based boards

  • Tawaki
    STM32F7 (ARM Cortex™-M7) based autopilot:
    • Tawaki v1.10 New!
      Small, lightweight and versatile Autopilot, 9 DOF IMU, microSD, Baro, ready for Rotorcraft, Fixed Wing and Hybrid applications...
  • Chimera
    STM32F7 (ARM Cortex™-M7) based autopilot for fixed wing:
    • Chimera v1.00
      Versatile Autopilot, 9 DOF IMU, Baro, microSD, Pitot, Modem, ready for Companion Computer...

STM32F1 based boards

STM32F4 based boards

  • Apogee
    STM32F4 (ARM Cortex™-M4) based autopilot for fixed wing:
    • Apogee v1.00
      Super small and lightweight autopilot, 9 DOF IMU, microSD high speed, Baro, ,...
  • Elle
    STM32F4 autopilot system:
  • Lisa
    STM32F4 based autopilots:
    • Lisa/MX
      STM32F4 versatile autopilot with crypto support
    • Lisa/MX-Small
      STM32F4 versatile autopilot with crypto support
  • Krooz
    STM32F4 Cortex™-M4 high integrated Rotorcraft autopilot
    • Krooz
      STM32F4 Cortex™-M4 high integrated Rotorcraft autopilot
    • KroozSD
      STM32F4 Cortex™-M4 high integrated autopilot, w. microSD slot, XBee conn.
  • Pixhawk
    Duo processor with Autopilot core on a STM32F4 Cortex™-M4 and Fly By Wire core on a STM32F1 Cortex™-M1

LPC2148 based boards

  • Booz
    Quadrotor autopilot
  • NavGo
    Multirotor autopilot
    • NavGo v3
      Small and lightweight multirotor autopilot
  • Umarim
    LPC based embedded IMU autopilot designed for small fixed wing:
  • Tiny
    GPS integrated lightweight autopilots:
    • Tiny v0.99
      Tiny autopilot
    • Tiny v1.1
      Integrated GPS and 5V/2A supply
    • Tiny v2.11
      Two layers PCB, 0603 components, big GPS groundplane, improved connectivity.
  • TWOG v1.0
    8 grams Tiny WithOut GPS autopilot, with external GPS option.
  • YAPA
    Yet Another Paparazzi Autopilot:
    • YAPA v1.0
      Same as TWOG, but bigger with XBee, 100mil headers, mounting holes, rs232
    • YAPA v2.0 Reduced component cost
  • HB
    Autopilots built in Bremen:
    • HB v1.0
      Four layers PCB, no GPS, JTAG with IMU
    • HB mini
      Four layers planar PCB, JTAG, 10 sevos, 12g, no GPS, with IMU

Aircraft With Embedded Autopilots


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