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Continuous Integration

We currently have multiple Continuous Integration (CI) build servers running:

  • travis which compiles all aircrafts/targets in conf/conf_tests.xml on Ubuntu 12.04 with gcc and clang
  • semaphoreci which also builds master nightly with all configurations (the ones that say "Scheduler rebuilt x")
  • buildbot has slaves for different OS (versions) and also runs the simple simulation test

To get notified when builds fail or are fixed again subscribe to the paparazzi-builds mailing list.


Part of the reason for automating the build process is to check that the code in Paparazzi compiles. Another part is to test that the code that has been compiled actually works.

There are multiple levels to tests that can be performed as part of the build process.

  1. Compile the code and check that this works without error
  2. Compile the firmware for each target of the example aircraft configurations
  3. Compile the firmware for known hardware configurations, upload it and then run tests against the software running on the known hardware.

Of these test types the first two have been implemented and are being integrated into the paparazzi code base. The third is a work in progress and will constantly be evolving along with the hardware and software under development.

For more details of the testing see the tests page