Alpha esc with telemetry output

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Alpha ESC with telemetry output

Alpha ESC


  • Low Noise , Temperature and Interference
  • Fast Response , High Efficiency
  • Match U3 KV700 , U5 KV400 , MN5212 KV340 , MN7005 KV230 Only



A module surptisingly called "Alpha ESC" is available to read the data. Read the documantation via Doxygen or a bit, maybe autdate here

  • The Black, Red and White cable is regular servo connector with PWM to control ESC speed output
  • Yellow cable not used (pulses for RPM) atm,
  • Black plus White cable is serial data, Black to GND and White cable must be connected to the serial rx port on the autopilot.

An example to ad to your airframe:

<module name="esc_alpha">
<configure name="ALPHA_ESC_PORT" value="UART1"/>
<configure name="ALPHA_ESC_BAUD" value="19200"/>


To get this there is no universal ESC messageclass (Yet) in use for this. Would be nice if someone would alter and add this...(AKA open source)