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==Data format==
==Data format==

[[File:Alpha_esc_wireing.jpg|frameless|Left|Alpha ESC Data packages]]
[[File:Alpha_ESC_Serial_out_format.jpg|frameless|Left|Alpha ESC Data packages]]

===Temperature Conversion table===
===Temperature Conversion table===

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Alpha ESC with telemetry output

Alpha ESC


The page is about the T-Motor Alpha 60A LV 500Hz 4~6S ESC but apart from the type specifications can be referred to for all the Alpha ESC types.

Well, please add more information if you come across some interesting facts...

One of the facts is that the code is not in the master branch of Paparazzi yet, code is tested and still debugged as of 20180406. More robust error handling needs to be added is the consensus.

Manufacturer hype

T-motor's ESC based on FOV (Sine Wave) with intelligent algorithm to satisfy the requirements of professional applications for efficient, accurate and stable motor control. Alpha series ESC's are more efficient compared to traditional ESC's using square wave driving and in combination with U series motor can achieve long flight times. Alpha Esc's features multiple protection system and its intelligent design enables to timely detect & adjust parameters such as low voltage, over current, throttle loss signal, motor lock and short circuit etc. thus prolonging the lifespan. Nano coating technology is adopted using IP55 Ingres Protection, making this ESC Anti corrosion, dust resistance and waterproof, thus allowing safe operation in any type of environments.

Alpha series ESC's are revolutionary esc based on (FOV) using Sine wave algorithm to satisfy the requirements of professional applicaitons for efficient, accurate and steady motor control. Lightweight compared to other esc's of same size using Ultra lite shell makes cooling efficient and contributes to lower temperature by 10%. Active braking functions allows recycle of energy allowing to recharge the battery when slowing down and increasing flight times.


  • Adopt FOC (Sine wave technology) to adjust parameters
  • IP55 Ingress Protection against corrosion, dust & water
  • Efficient cooling using low weight housing
  • Multiple protection functions
  • Active braking function, recycle energy
  • 6S LiPo support with 40A continuous and 60A peak
  • Low Noise, Temperature and Interference
  • Fast Response, High Efficiency
  • Match U3 KV700, U5 KV400 , MN5212 KV340 , MN7005 KV230 Only


  • Input Voltage Min: 18~25v (6s Lipo)
  • Max Continuous Current: 40A
  • Peak Current (10s): 60A
  • Idle Current: <50ma
  • BEC: No
  • Throttle Pos. range: 1100-1900µs
  • Throttle Refresh frequency: 500HzThrottle Response speed: 50ms
  • Size (LxWxH): 71.3x32.5x15.9mm
  • Weight: 62.8g
  • Motor Cable: 16AWG, 70mm x 3 (Silicone coated, Deep Orange)
  • Power cable: 14AWG, 175mm (Silicone wire Red/Black)
  • Signal cable: PVC flat cable with JP 3P male connector


A module surprisingly called "Alpha ESC" is available to read the data. Read the documantation via Doxygen or a bit, maybe outdated here on this page...

  • The Black and White cable is regular servo connector with PWM to control ESC speed output
  • Yellow cable not used (pulses for RPM) atm,
  • Black, red and White cable is serial data, Black to GND and White cable must be connected to the serial rx port on the autopilot. diisconnect the red

An example to ad to your airframe:

<module name="esc_alpha">
  <configure name="ALPHA_ESC_PORT" value="UART5"/>
  <configure name="ALPHA_ESC_BAUD" value="19200"/>

Data format

Alpha ESC Data packages

Temperature Conversion table

Alpha ESC Temp

wire it up

Alpha ESC wiring it up


To get this there is no universal ESC messageclass (Yet) in use for this. Would be nice if someone would alter and add this...(AKA open source)

Add this to your custom messages XML for the time being

   <message name= "ALPHA_ESC" id = "45">
     <description>Live data consisting of various Alpha ESC output values</description>
     <field name = "bale_no" type="uint16" unit="pprz"/>
     <field name = "rx_throttle" type="uint16" unit="pprz"/>
     <field name = "output_throttle" type="uint16" unit="pprz"/>
     <field name = "rpm" type="uint16" unit="rpm"/>
     <field name = "voltage" type="uint16" unit="1e1V" alt_unit="V"  alt_unit_coef="0.1"/>
     <field name = "busbar_current" type="int16" unit="64A" alt_unit="A" alt_unit_coef = "0.015625"/>
     <field name = "phase_wire_current" type="int16" unit="64A" alt_unit="A" alt_unit_coef = "0.015625"/>
     <field name="capacitor_temp"      type="uint8" unit="dC"/>
     <field name="mosfet_temp"      type="uint8" unit="dC"/>
     <field name="status_code"   type="uint16" unit="pprz"/>
     <field name="verify_code"   type="uint16" unit="pprz"/>

Dont forget to do a

 make clean && make