ATmega168 PPM Encoder Board

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Thanks to Chris we have a way to use virtually any RC receiver with Paparazzi without any modifications to the receiver.

This board plugs into the servo output ports on a R/C receiver and encodes them into a PPM pulse suitable for the paparazzi autopilot.

Channels output by the Rx are fed into the encoder which then outputs a PPM signal to the autopilot PPM input.

If you decide to use the tiny board to power the receiver, make sure you put-in a jumper and plug something between the 8th channel and the receiver.


Programming the PPM encoder

Programming the board can easily be accomplished using an AVR ISP (in-serial programming) programmer. These are inexpensive and can be found many places online. Once you have the ISP connected to the PPM encoder, simply use avrdude with the following command:

avrdude -p atmega168 -P <Insert port here> -c <Insert ISP type here> -U lfuse:w:0b00100010:m -U efuse:w:0b111:m -U flash:w:servo2ppm+bootloader.hex

Source files

Gerber & Drill files