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Standalone gyroscopes are used in agile aircraft in combination with IR attitude sensing, to have improved dynamic response over the relatively slow time constant of the IR sensors.

Paparazzi ADXR Gyro board

Eagle hardware files

Sparkfun Breakout Board

Example Gyroscope for MicroJet: this is the 150 degrees per second sensor from sparkfun. The sensor is a 5 volt sensor and will work without modification if you have a Tiny2.11 and in assembly used a 1.8k resistor on R12 and/or R13 (see Tiny v2.11 page).

For Tiny1.3 or Classix Autopilots you will need to create a resistor bridge as their ADC is 3.3 volts. Using a resistor bridge of say 220k on 330k gives a nice 5 -> 3 volt conversion of the output. Ideally the gyro should be fed with very smooth stable 5V but as it will not be integrated but just used to help the slow thermopiles, the 5 Volts from the servos-receiver also work.

Note the cut tracks - the 2.5v and ST2 pins are re-purposed as the midpoint in the resistor bridges as they are not needed for tiny. These become our connections for Rate and Temp to the tiny.

Modified ADXR Sparkfun breakout board

cdewagter 12:59, 25 January 2008 (CET)

ADXRS613 with Twog v1

An overview of how to use an ADXRS613 gyro for roll rates with a Twog v1 can be found at Gyroscopes/ADXRS613.