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This page describes the three modes paparazzi can operate in. The current mode paparazzi operates in can be changed via the GCS.


The MANUAL flight mode is for directly controling your airframe by your transmitter.

Caution! Please note that any trims and deflections set in your airframe config file still apply.

When flying in Manual mode please consider the failsafes.

Auto 1

The AUTO1 is for controller stabilized flight.

Although the autopilot will keep the airframe level and stabilized, you need to steer the airframe yourself, ie. where you want it to go.

When flying in Auto 1 mode please consider the failsafes.

Auto 2

In AUTO2 your aircraft is fully autonomous in stabilization and navigation.

You are not required to steer or stabilize the aircraft via your radio.

In this mode the aircraft follows the flightplan and - as always - commands issued via the GCS.