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HooperFly Autonomy

Developing autonomous capabilities for HooperFly using the Lisa MX autopilot from 1BitSquared in tandem with PaparazziUAV.

Frames & Components

The collection of HooperFly frames configured to fly with Paparazzi.

HooperFly RacerPEX : Azul

HooperFly RacerPEX : Verde

Flight Status

HooperFly Racer-PEX : Autonomous Twins: Azul & Verde

Attempting to use PaparazziUAV to fly two HooperFly RacerPEX in a synchronized autonomous fashion.

Hooperfly racerpex azulverde.jpg

Telemetry - Xbee Radios

Receiver - Xbee Radios