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Name: David Conger

Location: USA (California)
Reason for starting: I was looking online for something to open source to stabilize a model aircraft (goal was Helicopter). I found the ENAC Wiki and wanted to build one. At the time even the PCB were not available online (just the designs). As an avid Linux user I wanted to see Paparazzi use grow and be a part of that growth. I was addicted and can't stop now.

Projects: First Project: FunJet POC vehicle I started building my own FunJet aircraft in mid-2008. I wanted to start with a proven design. I have 3 test flights to date with it. As soon as I have my elevon reversed issue resolved I hope to fly in AUTO1/AUTO2 to finish the POC stage and move onto my next build. Flew in AUTO2 in December 2008.

MicroJet DF45 Project: < 400g jet with Tiny1.3 autopilot I have always wanted to take an COTS kit and fit it with a Paparazzi autopilot. I found the Kyosho DF45 delta wing to be a great looking, well built kit. The kit is very complete. The motor and fan unit are pre-assembled along with most of the airframe. Balsa with a covering film. The fuselage is a very well done fiberglass. It takes only a few hours to finish the airframe.

Micro UAV with IMU Project: Multiplex Merlin with Tiny1.3 autopilot and ArduIMU What a great little UAV. I have a micro video camera and 2.4gHz RF Video, 72mHz RC, ArduIMU and Tiny1.1 autopilot. It flies fantastic. I will also mount a micro video recorder on it so I can have ground based video from the RF and higher quality onboard recorded video. The Merlin is a great plane if your flying site is small.

Summary: Paparazzi has been very inspirational for me. I have learned so much over the years about electronics and autopilots. I really enjoy building these tiny UAV and keep trying to get them smaller and smaller. The smallest so far is the Merlin. Next will be a micro flying wing even smaller.