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Name: David Conger

Location: USA (California)
Reason for starting: I was looking online for something to open source to stabilize a model aircraft (goal was Helicopter). I found the ENAC Wiki and wanted to build one. At the time even the PCB were not available online (just the designs). As an avid Linux user I wanted to see Paparazzi use grow and be a part of that growth.

Current Project: FunJet POC vehicle I started building my own FunJet aircraft in mid-2008. I wanted to start with a proven design. I have 3 test flights to date with it. As soon as I have my elevon reversed issue resolved I hope to fly in AUTO1/AUTO2 to finish the POC stage and move onto my next build.

Future Project: Powered 1M Glider with Tiny1.3 autopilot I want to test the Paparazzi autopilot in a small (DLG size 1m) design. The glider currently weighs < 10oz. I want to see how long it can fly and the environment conditions it can fly it. I see for search and rescue a design would need to be able to fly in pretty adverse conditions for a long time.

Summary: I am still learning but trying where possible to give back to the project by updating the Wiki and promoting the ENAC Wiki (this one) as the best source for Paparazzi information. I also am asked often to compare Paparazzi Project to other model airplane autopilots. I truly believe after researching what is available that the Paparazzi Autopilot system is the most flexible and best designed solution you can get (open or closed source). I truly believe in the Open Source model where all users have the ability to give back to the development either in comments, support or actual code.