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can someone help me make a new page? i want to call it user projects. you add your link to your user (ex Users:mecevans) and you can put your projects there

Exactly what 17 parameters constitute "the holy grail?" ("Antoine continues to make great progress toward the holy grail of 17 state inertial navigation..."")

what is status of the antena tracker


What is status of the antena tracker and where I can find schematic and software on curent version. I have idea how to make nice pan and tilt unit.



Use on RC helicopter?

Will I be able to use this on a helicopter?

Kind regards, Christian (aka Hedgebird on RR, RCG & HeliFreak)

I'd also like to know if this could be modified to work on a helicopter.

Phil (aka phil007 on RR, RCG & HeliFreak)

Some new info about helicopter?

--- It seems general enough that it should be able to control a helicopter, at least in straight and level flight. Acrobatics may be possible with further development.

64bit Version

Is it possible to have a 64bit version of paparazzi compiled for ubuntu?