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Exactly what 17 parameters constitute "the holy grail?" ("Antoine continues to make great progress toward the holy grail of 17 state inertial navigation..."")
== what is status of the antena tracker ==
What is status of the antena tracker and where I can find schematic and software on curent version. I have idea how to make nice pan and tilt unit.
== Use on RC helicopter? ==
Will I be able to use this on a helicopter?
Kind regards,
Christian (aka Hedgebird on RR, RCG & HeliFreak)
I'd also like to know if this could be modified to work on a helicopter.
Phil (aka phil007 on RR, RCG & HeliFreak)
Some new info about helicopter?
--- It seems general enough that it should be able to control a helicopter, at least in straight and level flight.  Acrobatics may be possible with further development.
== 64bit Version ==
Is it possible to have a 64bit version of paparazzi compiled for ubuntu?

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